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 Shinzui (bang alchemist)

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Shinzui (bang alchemist) Empty
PostSubject: Shinzui (bang alchemist)   Shinzui (bang alchemist) EmptySat Mar 01, 2008 11:04 pm

Age: 18
Alchemy/Special Skills: Element Bomb alchemy
Type: Alchemist
Equipment: Big Bang
Apearance: Shinzui (bang alchemist) Fayt
Bio: Shinzui was a very serious guy, he always followed his orders. Shinzui grew up in a poor town and was always treated badly by everyone except his parents and friends. One day, a groups of rogue alchemists destroyed the town. Shinzui who was away alone at his granparents house in a nearby town was not catch up in the destruction. The next day, shinzui happily returned and saw the damage. He found out his friends and parents were dead.That day was the last time shinzui ever cried or smiled.
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Shinzui (bang alchemist)
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